Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Why?


To make people believe that their personal information is transferred in fair and trusted hands, Ovtrium will control the privacy of its users who trust us. We understand that formation of trust and policy regulation will promote the usage of digital technology via internet. We are devoted to shelter your privacy and unique data which you may allow Ovtrium for acquiring and operating information on our website. Furthermore, we gather individual personal information on specific areas of interest when users subscribe and registered with us.




A cookie is a compact text based file applied by a visited website which helps in the recognition of specific person.  We use cookies to improve our users experience and they will be stored on your computer hard drive. The utilisation of these cookies will be helpful for our site to gather user information and unspecified data for improvement and enhancing promotional awareness.

Our site also provides the ability to agree or disagree cookie. It is important to know that sometime disabling cookies may prevent our site to work in proper manner and does not prohibit the website to track your IP address or browsing history.